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Laptop vs. Desktop PC – Which one for you? Save up to 20%!

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When looking to purchase a computer these days, a lot of people seem to think desktops are going the way of the past, and they should just get a laptop for their full-time machine.  While this is a viable option for some situations, desktop computers still hold their ground.

Here a few reasons why:

  1. Faster.  Desktop computers are usually about twice the speed (or more) of a comparably priced laptop, which means you can get more done faster, with less headaches.
  2. Easier.  Even the biggest laptop screens are still small compared to Desktop options.  A bigger monitor makes tasks easier to accomplish, and things easier to read.  Not to mention a “real” keyboard, and mouse, make navigating easier.
  3. Gaming.  Very few laptops are made for serious gaming, and many will struggle with even lighter gaming.  With a desktop PC you can easily install an HD graphics card capable of anything you need.  Which brings me to the next point:
  4. Upgradeability.   With a desktop, you can add more Hard Disks, RAM, Ports (USB 3.0, Firewire, etc.), there are almost endless possibilities, making it a system specifically designed for what you do.
  5. Sustainability.  If your DVD drive or other hardware goes out, parts are readily available, and inexpensive for desktops, making it easier to keep your system running for a longer time.

Laptops have their advantages as well, most of which are the obvious: 
portability, size, convenience, etc.

Of course an ideal situation would be owning one of each, but since that is not an option for
many of us, maybe give a desktop PC a thought next time you need to purchase a computer.

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