This ain't your ordinary Gun Shop.

Welcome to The Firearms Department.

A full service Gun Shop.

In addition to our used firearm inventory, we stock a full selection of new hand guns, long guns, and accessories - including ammunition, magazines, scopes, mounts, cases, and much more.

As a licensed FFL dealer we offer both Private Party and
Out of State Dealer transfer services.

Stop by and look for the follwing brands and more!

If you prefer ordering online, click here to access our Gun Genie, where you can submit a deposit, then come in to the shop to finish the paperwork!

  • .22LR back in stock!

    We have 5000 rounds of the always difficult to find .22LR! It's made by Geco and is some decent ammo. Come snag some of this .22LR before it goes away again!

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  • Check out our huge selection of AR’s in stock!

    We have revamped our stock of AR's, and have a huge selection. We have the staple M&P 15 Sport to a Noveske and everything in between! Sig Sauer, Stag, Del-Ton are just a few to name. And if we don't have what you're looking for- we can order it! And not only do we have complete rifles, we have stripped uppers and ...

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  • We have a lot of Tannerite that needs to be shot!

    Come by and snag some of these reactive targets! If you've ever shot it before, you know how fun these things can be. If you haven't, you have to come find out what all the fuss is about!

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  • We have all your firearm cleaning needs!

    One thing that is incredibly important when it comes to owning firearms is cleaning. Whether it's for breaking in your newest .338 Lapua or cleaning your old .22 after a day at the range, cleaning your firearms is something that every shooter will do. And here at Rick's, we have everything you'll need for cleaning. Swing by and pick up your supplies to ...

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  • We just got in some awesome pentagon couplers for the AR mags!

    These things can put five AR mags together to make mag changes quick! Comes with the coupler and five 10 round AR magazines. We have them marked at $99.95, which is less than if you bought five of the mags on their own! These things are rad add-ons to any AR platform you carry.

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  • Now on Red Tag SALE!

    While supplies last only! The Smith & Wesson SD9VE is on sale RIGHT NOW for $369.95! These pistols are great quality for the price. Come by and pick up one of them before we sell out and the price goes back up to normal!

    Posted at February 7, 2015 | By : | Categories : Firearms | 0 Comment
  • Awesome AR Platform Scope

    This Redfield Battlezone is an awesome scope for either an AR-10 or AR-15 platform rifle. All you have to do is zero it in, and away you go! When you change the distance you are shooting, you change the yardage on the scope that you're shooting. No need to re-zero it in at all! This is an awesome scope for anybody at a great price.

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  • Just got a ton of ammo in!

    This picture isn't all of it! We got in .45ACP range and home defense ammo, range 5.56mm, 12 gauge bird shot, and some Lawman 9mm! Swing by and grab this stuff- it's all marked at prices to sell!

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  • Just in! Aero Precision M5 AR-10 combo set- only $329!

    We just got in an Aero Precision M5 AR-10 stripped receiver combo set. These are great quality billet sets for a great price that can't be beat! Swing by and snag these sets before they're gone!

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  • AR-15 Build Kit ready to be taken home!

    Here is a GWACS lower, with an Anderson parts kit and Anderson upper receiver ready to be taken home. This would make a great first time build for anyone and is a gun you won't grow out of any time soon. Build it with your kids, surprise a new shooter with it for Christmas, or get it for yourself to put together! Building ...

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  • Don’t forget- We’ve gone BLUE!

    Rick's is proud to be the Antelope Valley's ONLY Glock Blue Label dealer! We are thankful for those who serve us and our community, and this is a small way to give back to you; by selling Glock firearms at a supremely discounted price. With Christmas coming up, a great present is a Blue Label gun for all of you first responders out there. ...

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  • We’ve got the Saiga 7.62 back in stock!

    These guns have become increasingly hard to find, but we were able to snag a couple! Come grab one before these things disappear again!

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  • National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet

    It has been a busy few weeks here at the shop! The gun show was a success, and next we will also be a part of the National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet. Make sure you come by and get your tickets for the banquet! It will be Saturday, November 15th at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. You can get your tickets here at the shop. There will be raffles, auctions, games ...

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  • .22LR ammo is still hard to find, but…

    If you pick up a firearm chambered in .22LR while our supplies last, we will allow one box of ammo with the firearm. This way you can take your children out shooting, and actually have something to shoot! This deal is exclusive to the purchase of a .22LR firearm and will not be sold individually, as well as it lasting only as long as supplies do. This stuff is almost as good ...

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  • We’ve Gone BLUE

    You no longer have to drive hours away to get the Glock blue label firearms. They are RIGHT HERE in the Antelope Valley at Rick's! Rick's Gun Department is now an authorized Blue Label dealer for Glock Firearms. This means that we can get amazing deals for our Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and other certain qualified personnel. If you're curious if you qualify, you can check on the Glock Blue Label website ...

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  • The Gun Department will be at the Gun Show

    Paulie, Jake and Antonio will be working with some of the other guys here at Rick's at the Lancaster Gun Show this weekend. This means that the Gun Department will be mostly closed since our inventory will be at the A.V. Fair Grounds for the show. The only thing that will be open for the Gun Department will be pick-ups. So if you're in the market for that new gun, swing by ...

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  • Not your everyday kinda gun shop. Look at what just came in

    This is the IWI Tavor in 5.56mm. These are hard to find, especially in California-compliant versions. This bull-pup rifle accepts standard AR magazines, and the mag lock is fairly simple to use. If you like something that nobody else has, this is the gun for you.

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  • We have more than just some guns on the wall

    Rick's Gun Department has ammo for just about any caliber, cases for almost any size of firearm, tannerite (everybody needs some of that), targets to shoot, and cleaning kits for when the day nears it's end! Swing by and pick up what you need to keep your firearms running and well maintained. If you have any questions, make sure you talk to Paulie, Antonio or Jake. They have just about any answer ...

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